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W21 L23 D9
W0 L1 D0
W0 L1 D0


W21 L23 D9
W8 L8 D3
Steven Watt Central Defender View profile »
W16 L20 D8
W19 L21 D7
W12 L12 D3
W1 L2 D0
Kyle Bailey Central Defender View profile »
W0 L2 D0
W1 L0 D0


W3 L3 D0
W3 L3 D1
W2 L1 D0
W17 L19 D6
Paul Semakula Central Midfield View profile »
W6 L5 D1
W5 L5 D2
Nathan Campbell Defensive Midfield View profile »
W9 L9 D2
W1 L2 D2
W1 L0 D0
W5 L1 D0
W2 L0 D1
W0 L2 D0
Kiye Martin Attacking Midfield View profile »
W7 L10 D4
Matt Smart Central Midfield View profile »


W5 L3 D1
W20 L21 D7
Phil Walsh Centre Forward View profile »
W8 L10 D3
W1 L1 D0

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